" Any operation through which substances, materials or products that are not waste are used again for a use that is identical to that for which it was designed. " - ADEME

Always with a logic of circular economy, and when the general condition of the packaging so allows, Emb-i-pack favours reclamation through reuse. This process concerns 600l, 800l and 1,000l IBCs; and 30 to 220l drums.

Emb-i-pack organises the collection of your packaging.

Packaging collection

When unloading packaging, Emb-i-pack checks its general condition and the substances that it contained. If the load is compliant with the Prior Acceptance Certificate (C.A.P.), Emb-i-pack sorts it and stores it by type and category.

Packaging intended for reuse is washed inside and out, according to the operating instructions.

New quality controls and tests are conducted to validate that the packaging can be reused.

The transport of packaging that is ready for reuse is organised by Emb-i-pack.

Packaging reclaimed through reuse

Drums with bungs or with removable head

600l – 800l – 1,000l IBC, UN and non-UN

1industrial reused packaging 1 packaging not manufactured from virgin plastic material
and 1 non-incinirated packaging Source: ADEME's Base Carbone®

1 tonne of reused plastic packaging 3,872 tonnes of CO₂ saved Source: ADEME's Base Carbone®